TERENCE TAN (b. 1970)

Shifting Perspectives, Illuminate Imaginations

I am a firm believer in disrupting the conventional norms and perceptions. My approach revolves around fostering innovation and embracing unconventional methods.  I challenge the status quo through the creation of captivating, intricate visuals that mesmerises the observer.

Rather than merely reflecting reality, my creations serve as catalysts for imagination, offering a realm where boundaries blur and perceptions shift.  Employing a blend of fine art digital photography, painting, and design principles, I navigate through a dynamic interplay between reality and illusion.  Each artwork or series intricately weaves together elements of complexity and whimsy, utilizing vividly realistic imagery.

My artistic journey liberates me from traditional constraints, enabling me to boldly reimagine alternative realities beyond the confines of the ordinary.

The following 4 works are specially curated for Logi Restaurant & Bar SIngapore(Provenance: Private Collection)

The Marina Bay Area skyline of Singapore unfolds in a dreamlike portrayal reminiscent of an abstract painting. A captivating orange glow bathes the scene, casting enchanting reflections across the tranquil bay. Amidst the bustling cityscape, a sense of calm pervades, offering solace and respite from the day's rigors. Silhouetted buildings stand as silent sentinels against the vibrant sky, evoking a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. The gentle breeze whispers through the composition, imbuing it with a serene, oasis-like quality. It's a breathtaking fusion of beauty and emotion, offering a soothing escape from the demands of urban life, a moment of pure awe-inspiring magnificence.



Abstract artworks emerge as multi-layered images, each juxtaposed atop another with surreal finesse.  They transport viewers into mesmerizing yet perplexing worlds, where reality blurs with fantasy.  Calming yet confounding, they beckon with illusions that straddle the line between the surreal and the tangible.  Whimsical elements transpose within the frames, teasing the mind with their enigmatic charm.  As one delves deeper, a sense of being lost pervades, only to realize that perhaps, one was never truly found.

These two artworks serve as ephemeral sanctuaries, offering respite from the rigors of daily life, inviting viewers to lose themselves momentarily and embark on journeys of introspection and discovery.  Within them, one may indulge, relax, ponder, or perhaps even find the courage to act upon newfound insights.




 A mesmerizing tapestry of past and present, this abstract artwork captures Singapore's skyline with unparalleled depth and complexity.  Nostalgic heritage buildings of Chinatown stand proudly in the foreground, their intricate details evoking memories of a bygone era.  Behind them, the towering structures of modernity paints the sky, their sleek lines symbolizing progress and innovation, a heritage filled metropolis emerges.  Through a unique imaging layering technique, the artwork blurs the lines between reality and imagination, creating a surrealistic masterpiece that dazzles our senses.  With each glance, viewers are transported into a world where history meets contemporary allure, where diversity thrives amidst the urban landscape - a stunning ode to Singapore's rich tapestry of culture and architecture.


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