Debutting at StART Art Fair 2023, 10th Anniversary Edition, 11 - 15 October 2023, SAATCHI Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

Terence Tan. Born 1970. Singapore.


 Artist Statement

I create images that transform their subjects or contexts from the ordinary to the remarkable, infusing them with fresh vitality and significance.  Employing photographic composite layering techniques infused with painting and design concepts, I meticulously craft visually stunning artworks with artistic sensibility. I love exploring subjects that others might deem unremarkable or unexciting and I exhaust every possibility to uncover their hidden beauty.  My goal is to convey a feeling of movement, energy and celebration, resulting in multi-dimensional imagery.  Different angles can reveal a dynamic representation of the subject matter.

Rather than presenting a factual reality, I aim to create a fictitious dream image that awakens our imagination.  Ultimately, it portrays a seemingly ever-changing composition, floating between reality and illusion.  It is a virtual, yet also a vividly real image.


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