Artwork Leasing

art leasing

Available for Singapore based installations

Simple leasing structure to start enjoying and acquiring artworks. Each piece is an original limited edition (numbered edition) as it would have been sold.


Steps to start art leasing with us: 

  1. Start leasing with our first 3months (Q1) online order. (click here)

  2. Our artwork consultant will get in touch with you for details.

  3. Confirm art selection with our consultant.

  4. We install the artworks and fix the commencement of lease.

  5. You start enjoying the artworks immediately!


Why art leasing with ARTINSPR:
  • Accumulate "leasing credit" dollars.
  • Refresh and revitalise with different artworks annually.
  • Try out different artworks before deciding.
  • Simple lease structure.
  • Less financial outlay, take time to decide.
  • No financial risk with maximum art enjoyment.
  • Option to Purchase with our unique "Leasing Credit". Spend credits earned to purchase any artworks listed at our website.


Sample Art Leasing Pricing: (12 month program) 

                  Monthly       Quarterly Fee

1 piece:     S$95/-         S$285

(billed at the beginning of program and quarterly in advance)


At the end of 12 month lease period, you can choose to: 

  1. Renew and continue another 12 month lease.

  2. Replace any artworks with new selections.

  3. Spend your accumulated "Leasing Credits" on any artworks on our website.

* You can initiate a buyout anytime during the lease period and we will prorate the purchase price accordingly with the credits you have gained.


** This credit amount is valid for direct purchase of artworks at and cannot be used to offset leasing fees or exchange for cash.


ART LEASING ENQUIRY: (Art leasing is only available to Singapore installations)