Garden of Eden is the debut series in Terence's distinctive laymography style (layers and motion).  It is a visual tribute to Singapore, Terence's home country.  The tiny nation is often referred to as "a little red-dot" because of it's relative small physical size for a country.  Despite that, the island holds a treasure trove of locations for visual art making.

Terence is a professional photographer based in Singapore of 10 years.  Over the years, he has developed his own style of presenting his fine artworks created using his skill and experience as a photographer.  His growing collection of Singapore's cityscape is extensive as he sets out to capture what his country has to offer visually.

The works here are all intricately created by overlaying of a variety of images, each layer finely tuned to the desired aesthetic outcome.  As you scrutinise his works, you can discover different landscapes nestled within the layers, triggering different experiences of the locality that the image depicts.  One might describe his works as depicting organised chaos, quite telling of what most urban cities are experiencing today.  As you view his works, we hope you can discover surprises within the image that can thrill you like many have experienced.